Social Mojo!


Some people love Facebook, some just love the instant appeal of Twitter. Snapchat well that’s another story.

Personally I have always been an Instagram fan and still am. I have dipped in and out of Twitter since 2007, getting into it and then falling out with it. I have a facebook page but all that I really do with it is get news and info that I like. This could be down to the fact that I am a bit older than the average Facebook user and remember having to phone my friends to see what they were doing. Or when I was not with them was not really that bothered what they were getting up to.

Not to say that I am not appreciating Facebook the more I ‘Like’ and stalk old school mates and work colleagues. I am defo not gonna be using it to sort my social life that ship sailed many years ago.

Organise my weekends on Facebook, that ship sailed a few years ago
Texting will do that job well enough.

One form of Social Networking that I have really got into is Pinterest and man I am really getting into it. I am a visual person and have always loved putting together moods and style tiles for meeting or just because I needed a bit of inspiration. Well now I ‘pin’ (down with the lingo) on my phone, at my desk and on the toilet (too much information?).

Flicking through the boards on an iPad is clearly the best thing man has ever seen since Fire.

To have all that inspiration at my finger tips really is feeding my creativity and adding another level to presentations.

So it might be a case of ‘Where have you been?’, but its not when but how much you take out of taking part in social media and I have just dived head first into Pinterest.

Next I will be claiming back the Postcard!

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